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Fairness for Americans First

Many ask what "Fairness for Americans First" means. They mention it is confusing or ambiguous. That was the exact intention (ambiguous not confusing) . I intentionally made it that way to embody several concepts.

1. First and foremost Americans must be treated FAIRLY - in EVERY aspect of their lives and interactions not only with the various levels of government but even in private interactions and transactions - especially in cases where the power resides almost exclusively with one side. This includes (but is not limited to) taxes and regulations in general and some specific items like consumer transactions, investment opportunities, healthcare, employment, etc. 
- FAIRNESS for Americans FIRST.

2. Americans should be treated AT LEAST AS WELL as non-Americans by America. In no case should legal or especially illegal immigrants/residents be treated better or given more benefits than American citizens. DO NOT CONSTRUE THIS AS A CALL FOR EXPANDED GOVERNMENT HANDOUTS BUT A CESSATION OF BENEFITS TO (at least illegal) NON-CITIZENS!
- Fairness for AMERICANS first.

3. We as a country must insist that OUR citizens be treated as good as (AND NO WORSE THAN) citizens of ANY other country BY EVERY OTHER COUNTRY (except for their own citizens). This includes full reciprocity of policies to eliminate preferential treatment of citizens of other countries vis-a-vis American citizens by other countries. Meaning that we must not allow country A to treat a citizen of country B better than an American citizen (call us country C) in any aspect of residency, employment, immigration, business opportunity, legal rights, regulatory burden, etc.
- Fairness for AMERICANS FIRST.

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