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Don't see an issue you want to know my stance on? Just ask.

I have a publicly stated position (of support) on over 50 issues so far (try to find more than 10 from someone else) as well as currently 17 specific items (many with several sub-parts) I want to initiate action on - some of which have either already been accomplished or are in the works - and I'm not even elected yet.

This issue is what got me to seek this office as I passionately believe it will bring many jobs and much wealth to America for Americans. This explains the issue: Fair Trading

I'm also very interested in many other aspects of fairness and equal footing in all aspects of financial market trading including unfettered global access, transparency, taxation, and consumer safeguards.

Another issue I am very passionate about is eminent domain abuse (some info here).

In addition to adding my stance on additional issues as noted above I have (UNLIKE OTHERS THAT HAD THE CHANCE OVER THE COURSE OF THEIR POLITICAL CARREER BUT REFUSED) posted a fully completed Federal Political Courage Questionnaire - HERE.

I believe in taking a stance and CLEARLY stating my position on as many issues as possible and not hedging my bets (unlike my investing philosophy) like a typical politician that is afraid to take a stand.

I've also signed - and even pledged to beat - the Americans for Taxpayer Reform "Taxpayer Protection Pledge" - HERE.


Our country is obviously facing some very serious challenges and there are certainly a fair share of hot button issues (not the least of which are N. Korea, Syria - SOME INFO, Healthcare, DACA, etc.) and there are many issues that need to be addressed and no one person could possibly be an expert in every facet of each issue. This I know first hand because it seems like whenever I get a chance to ask real politicians real questions about real issues they frequently don't know the answer.

My Agenda items are basically fixes to some issues that have gone under the radar for the most part and are not put forth as what I believe are the most important issues facing America right now but merely as some fairly easily fixed issues that will have a "good bang for the buck" and will help many for very little - and in almost every single case WITHOUT NOT ONLY RAISNG TAXES, BUT WITHOUT EVEN ONE CENT OF GOVERNMENT MONEY!


Items beneath "Local Positions" below are just a few selected (and randomly rotated) issues I have a stance on (and is by NO MEANS exhaustive):

Fairness for Americans First

We Need To Embrace American Exceptionalism and confer its benefits on those originally intended.

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Agenda (Priorities)

These are items which I have identified that for the most part have been ignored by the media but which if reformed, changed, or implemented how I propose will in fact either create many jobs for Americans OR create and/or preserve much wealth for Americans and/or will bring about fairness and transparency as well as a reduction of unduly burdensome laws, regulations, rules, taxes, and the associated expenses with adhering and complying with same.

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This is an extensive list of issues that are predominantly relevent and applicable even on a national level that I have a currently stated position on.

I'm adding to them all the time.

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Local Issues

An excerpt/short list of a few other local issues that have been of interest in Texas I have a stance on that differ from other potential candidates can be seen here.

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Property Tax Deferrals

After spending much time on this and getting several bills filed during the special session the fruition of our efforts comes down to Proposition 1 this November.

Couldn't have gotten it done without Phillip & Don Huffines. Many thank!

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Eminent Domain

Some Kelo details and the pertinent section of the Texas Constitution

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Make sure the middle class gets good tax breaks!

>>> This section will be GREATLY expanded very soon <<<

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Foreign Policy

Brief statement of what I think our position should be in regards to several countries.

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Campaign Finance Reform

Support idea of campaign finance reform, some caps on expenditures of campaigns, outside groups, and/or individuals. Absolutely MUST eliminate DARK MONEY!


ANTIFA needs to be classified as a domestic terror organization. SOME INFO

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